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OptOssol™ Hand: Plating System

A muti-size plate and screw system, the OptOssol™ Hand Plating system offers a unique mechanism that ensures that plates and screws lock as well as lag the plate to the bone. It provides surgeons the simplicity of a locking mechanism while providing superior benefits.

OptOssol™ Hand: Compression Screws

Inadequate compression of fractures often leads to delayed union or non-union. This condition is more probable for the scaphoid bone in the hand which is prone to non-unions and is compounded for people with bad bone biology such as smokers.

Cooney et.al reported in the Journal of Hand Surgery that they had a 19% rate of nonunion using the Hubert Screw (design of present day products) in 21 patients. Unlike any product in the market, the OptOssol™ Hand Compression Screws was designed to enable significantly higher compression than other products and aiding in better bone healing.

OptOssol™ Hand: Compression Rods

The Company's compression rods are an innovative yet simple method for fixing hand fractures. They are a one of a kind device.

OptOssol™ Wrist: Distal Radius Volar Plate

Distal radius fractures are a common upper extremity injury. The OptOssol™ Wrist Distal Radius Volar Plate provides an efficient and unique way of locking. It offers variable screw angulation while being locked to the plate at the same time creating a much better biomechanical construct.

OptOssol™ Humerus: Intramedullary Nail

Humeral shaft fractures are most often treated by intramedullary (IM) nails (rods). However the literature shows that IM nail fixation of the humerus to be associated with increased shoulder pain and decreased shoulder motion (Chapman et.al). 41% of nailings have shoulder pain in antegrade procedures (Ajmal et.al).

In retrograde procedures, the current implants contribute towards iatrogenic fractures due to the angle of insertion as well as the thin cortical bone above the olecranon fossa. The GenOssis Humeral Nail was designed to avoid shoulder pain caused by surgery and also to reduce the possibility of fracturing the bone at the insertion site in retrograde procedures.

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