February 2015 | Fort Washington, PA

Simple Systems and Minimally Invasive Techniques Drive Hand and Wrist Market.

ORTHOPRENEUR® spoke to representatives from three device companies to delve further into this trend and others in the market.

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August 2014 | Fort Washington, PA


GenOssis was recognized as one of the Notable U.S Companies in Fracture Repairby ORTHOWORLD®, a leading industry publication.

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JUNE 10, 2014 | Fort Washington, PA

GenOssis recives FDA approval

Fort Washington, PA, 6/6/2014: GenOssis LLC announces the approval of its proprietary orthopedic implant OptOssol™ Compression Device by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The OptOssol™ Compression Device is the first product of a portfolio that GenOssis will take into the orthopedic implant market and commercialize in several geographies, including USA, Europe, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

Inadequate compression of fractures often leads to delayed union or non-union of bone. This occurs in approximately 20% of cases for certain pathologies, and the consequence can be dysfunction and chronic pain. The OptOssol™ Compression Device was designed to enable significantly higher compression than other products, thereby enabling better bone healing.

"The OptOssol™ Compression Device employs unique and innovative technology affording the orthopedic surgeon a novel means by which to treat a wide array of fractures. This minimally invasive device offers stable fixation with compression in a means not available with other techniques and implants,” said Amir R. Moinfar, M.D.  President of the Maryland Orthopedic Association

“I am happy to hear that the GenOssis OptOssol™ Compression Device has been approved by the FDA as it adds a distinctive mechanism for low-profile fixation to the surgeon’s armamentarium,” said Dr. Asif Ilyas, Hand and Wrist surgeon from the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia.

“Bone fractures and also their complexities, are on the rise for a number of reasons: an aging baby boomer population, enhanced automobile safety which reduces the fatality rate but increases traumatic injuries in survivors, and osteoporosis in the growing elderly population. Orthopedic surgeons welcome a versatile implant such as the OptOssol™ Compression Device, which allows for maximum compression while keeping the procedure simple and effective” said Amit Sinha, President & CEO of GenOssis.

"The FDA approval of the first proprietary device from the GenOssis development pipeline marks a major operational accomplishment and transformation towards putting our novel designs to work in daily medical practice. We will build upon this position to assume leadership in pioneering orthopedic developments and accelerate the market entry of superior reconstructive device solutions," said Dr. Wolfgang Oster, Chairman of the Board of GenOssis.

Over the course of the next few months, The OptOssol™ Compression Device will be launched in select markets that have some of the nation’s leading trauma centers as well as orthopedic clinics.

GenOssis is an orthopedic implant development company that is dedicated to providing innovative fracture treatments that are cost effective solutions in a changing healthcare environment. With an active Surgeon Advisory Board and a tenured team of industry professionals, GenOssis has developed proprietary products that provide unique clinical advantages over current offerings.