The world’s six billion people will experience, on average, two fractures each over their lifetime. Bone fractures can be caused by motor vehicle accidents, active sport, blunt trauma etc.  With the increase in the aging population as well as much more active lifestyles, bone fractures are a rising trend.

Orthopedists are the specialists who put the bones back together, using increasingly sophisticated and specialized implants and tools. 
Orthopedists often compare fracture treatment to carpentry.  Like a carpenter, an orthopedic surgeon uses drills, taps and screwdrivers to bring together broken bones and hold them in place with plates and screws. The primary goal of fracture fixation is to hold the fragments together intimately so that bone can remodel and fuse. The surgical treatment of fractures leads to early mobilization and allows patients to get back to work and play faster than conservative treatments.

Upper Extremity Solutions

GenOssis will lead innovation in through “Optimized Osteogenesis Solutions” (OptOssol™ platform) and has begun creating a highly profitable and scalable portfolio. We combine US and Indian entrepreneurship with deep knowledge of the market dynamics within and between both geographies.

GenOssis’s first target is orthopedic implants for the surgical treatment of upper extremity fractures (OptOssol™ Humerus, OptOssol™ Hand and OptOssol™ Wrist).

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